Split Window Aesthetics

Split Windows are one of the killer features of Vim, that surprisingly few editors get right. The default aesthetics though… they could use some work. It’s not obvious which split is active, and the divider is either too visible, or not visible enough. Quick! Which split is active? To me, it’s not obvious at all. Of course, this is Vim, and we can do better than just accept the defaults. [Read More]

Using Markdown in Vim

Vim does a pretty good job of giving you a stylized preview of your Markdown. Especially when you consider the inherent limitations of an editor that must be able to run within the terminal. For example: Note that italics are handled differently in terminal Vim, because most terminals can’t display italics. If you prefer a more streamlined look, where your text isn’t cluttered by formatting characters for your bold and italic text you can “conceal them. [Read More]