Marks are, in essence, in-page bookmarks that you can use to quickly jump between important parts of your file(s). They have one non-trivial problem. You can’t easily see them while working on your document. Fortunately, there’s a plugin for that. Before we continue, let’s get a bit more specific about what a mark is. A mark is a named cursor location. There are local, and global marks. Each mark is named with a single letter between a and z in the English alphabet. [Read More]

Cursor Movement in Vim

Before we discuss some of the more common, and useful, ones, remember that movement commands become even more valuable when combined with Vim’s verbs. In addition to verbs like Delete, you can combine most of the movement commands with numbers. For example, To jump 30 characters to the right you could say 30→ That’s a silly use-case, but moving down 2 paragraphs? That’s useful. This gets even more useful when we start using visual mode to select sections of text. [Read More]