Tabbed editing in Vim

Tabs in Vim are conceptually very similar to tabs in a browser. Each one represents its own little world. In graphical clients you can click on the tab to switch to it. In the terminal you’ll have to learn a few easy commands. Fortunately these also work in Graphical clients so you will never need to reach for your mouse if you don’t want to. Like a browser you can have the same page/file in the multiple tabs. [Read More]

Line Numbers in Vim

Geeks like line numbers. I think Vim geeks really like line numbers, because we use them for more than just finding a specific place in the code. Jumping to a line number Out-of-the-box you’ve got three choices. Just pick the one you like best and don’t worry about remembering the others. I’ve used the 1st one for years and never had any need for the others. Minimal typing Type the number of the line you want to go to followed by capital G. [Read More]